Survey – feedback *Changes

We are making a couple of tweaks to user feedback based on recent requests:

1. Remove “Thanks…” Dialog.

Is there any way I could toggle on/off the “Thanks for your input!” popup that comes after a user completes a survey?

We’re using wikimap with jurisdictions to update the status of planned projects. There’s a survey that asks the status of each project, and every time they fill it out, there are added mouse clicks getting away from the “Thanks for your input!” screen.

Resulting change to WikiMapping:  

We’ve eliminated the “Thanks for your input!”  This streamlines the data entered, and the dialog was somewhat redundant given that a person would see the new point or line on the map when the dialog closes.

2. Results of Agree/Disagree

We are making a change to help users see the “Agree/Disagree” selections of other users.

3.  Time limits on data presentation

Towns that are using WikiMapping on an ongoing basis don’t want to have old data showing up on the project.  We are creating a time query so that a project administrator can display, for instance, comments within the last 90 days.

About system improvements

Since John does the coding, it’s not up to me to say what is easy or not.  But WikiMapping improvements do break down into categories:

  • Overnight improvements
  • Functionality that can be developed in a week or two
  • Larger System improvements that take months
  • Customization for individual clients

We just finished a big project – the multi-layered maptiles.  I’ll write about that separately.  And we’ve set some user interface goals for early 2015.