Have a question? Here are some brief answers

  • A WikiMapping project that you set up and activate using PayPal costs $349 for one year. When a project reaches 1000 users or 3000 comments, you get a friendly email notification and your project continues to collect data.  This just lets you know that you’re doing well, and it helps us keep track of busy projects.

    Custom setup and code modification is available for an additional fee.

  • WikiMapping supports IE 10 and newer, Chrome, Firefox, and recent versions of Safari.

    People with IE 9 will not be able to access the common html5 functionality that WikiMapping depends on.  For instance, the maps won’t show up.

  • Yes. Here are some options:

    • Anonymous (I/P tracked to identify unique users)
    • Email with user name
    • Facebook login
    • Email/Password with the option to keep data private, share with a group, or share publicly.


  • Yes.  Sometimes consulting planners will set up a project using their email and contact information.  If you are a planner and expect to transfer a project, you may not want to have other projects as part of the same email account.  The project can be transferred by changing the contact information.  This will not change the length of the project.

  • This feature lets a user input turn-by-turn instructions.  We have several features that are turned on by request.  In many cases, WikiMapping project administrators have contributed to the development.  We don’t try to hide the features.  They get mentioned on the blog.  But people need to request them.

  • We have made WikiMapping fully functional with either google maps or open street map, and we reserve the right to convert projects to open street map at any time.  On the other hand, we could increase support for google maps.  We just don’t know at this point.