Thank you, Looking forward to 2015

Your subscriptions are a great investment.  They improve WikiMapping.

The Map Team is grateful to everyone who we’ve had a chance to serve in 2014.  Subscriptions grew significantly, and this benefits all WikiMapping projects, whether they are for planning, research, or personal use.  We invest subscription revenue into unrestricted development that benefits all users, whereas funds from customization tend to be dedicated to a specific projects.  Thank you for making our continued growth possible.

New subscription options in 2015 support both smaller and larger projects.

While we aren’t changing our Activation process, we are temporarily offering some additional pricing plans.  

In 2014, we started offering an annual project that is 1000 users and 3000 comments.  This worked really well for us.  For 2015, we are giving projects an unlimited number of users and increasing the number of comments. 

We are offering a set of Mini Projects by request. These accommodate instances where project administrators need several small projects rather than one large project. 

You can get a project set up by us and save time.

We are offering a custom setup fee because our experience can lead projects to better outcomes.  Part of this setup includes creating custom videos for both project contributors and administrators.  This is noted in the pricing plans.

Custom coding and map design are available today.

WikiMapping blends our coding and cartography talents to provide ongoing value to people regardless of our schedule.  But you can get customization more quickly by special request.  Currently, Steve has a backlog of mapping work.  John likes to take on coding projects for variety.  Feel free to ask if you need something coded.

Our weekly video training can answer questions and help you make better projects.

We’ve found that creating custom videos for people is a useful way to explain things.  We will start this video training, and videos will be scheduled for Thursdays.  The videos will be here in our blog.  We’d love to know what you’d like us to focus on.

New demo projects will offer inspirational ways to use WikiMapping.

Part of the video training will involve setting up new demo projects.  We will try to use these projects to explore and get some fresh air.