Controlling project ownership, payment and management

WikiMapping projects get used by teams.  The person who decides to use the project may not be the one who manages it.  Someone else may pay for the project.  And all of this may be done for a client that eventually maintains the project over the long run.
History of project access: 
  1. Multiple people sharing a single email address.
  2. Project team collaboration through groups functionality.
  3. Collaborative access permissions for a single project.
  4. Transfer of a project from one administrative account to another.
Number 4, Transfer, is what we implemented today.  This meets the needs of several organizations.
Handing a project over to someone else:  
As a project administrator, you can set up a project for a client using your own account.  Then you can assign the project to your client who can then pay for it, manage it, or bring someone onboard to administer it for them.  Just go to Transfer:
transfer a wikimapping project
Then you can type in the email address:
type in email
If you plan to manage the account after transferring it, make sure that you have management access to the other project administrator first.
Projects are often paid for by people other than the project administrators, so whoever the project administrator is at the time can handle the payment.
To sum up… We are very excited about this transfer functionality.  Not only will it help those of you who are setting up projects, but it will also enable us to set up projects that can then be used as templates for people.  And… We are grateful that most organizations using WikiMapping have multiple projects.  If you need help managing your projects, please let me know.
Thank you!