Groups – How to set up and use them

What is a group? 

A group enables a premium WikiMapping administrator access another administrator’s account. This is available by request at

How do you set it up?

The Map Team has to give the project admin access:
Steve Toggles Admin

You’ll know if you have groups if you see it in the menu:


Project Admin 1 Actions

While logged in as a project administrator (Admin 1 in this example), select manage group and add project administrator email addresses.


Admin 1 will have an option to name your group and list the email addresses.  Include your own email address.


Project Admin 2 Actions

A member of the team (Admin 2, in this example) will see this:


Right now Admin 2 has no projects:

And then Admin 2 will see the following and select Login As (Admin 1):
Now Admin 2 can see Admin1’s project (group demo project):


Admin 2 can see the login status here:
Finally, project admin 2 can log back to her own account.
If you do not have group option, and need it, email us.