Uploading KMZ data to WikiMapping

Import Category enables a project administrator to import a kmz in a way that automatically creates several categories.

Import Category

Copying category data from one project to another

[ordered_list style=”decimal”]

  1. Export kml from an existing project
  2. Create a new project
  3. Import the kml that you just downloaded
  4. View the new project to see the results[/ordered_list]

The new project will now contain all of the categories, point and line data.  This doesn’t transfer users, comments or surveys. The category options will still need to be edited.

Import a kmz that contains multiple kmls.

If you have a kmz that includes 15 different kmls, 15 new categories (both point and line) will be created.

How it benefits project administrators

Import Category will improve our efficiency as we develop the East Coast Greenway’s routing app.  It will save planners time when they present their draft plans for public review.