Toole Design Group uses WikiMapping

Toole Design Group's Silver Spring, MD office.
Toole Design Group’s Silver Spring, MD office.

I just want to give RJ Eldridge, Toole Design Group’s Director of Planning, the credit he deserves.  He’s had some good ideas, like adding facebook login to WikiMapping.  But, more importantly, he has given WikiMapping exposure all over the United States.  Thanks RJ!

Kevin Luecke,in Toole Design Group’s Madison Office has used WikiMapping in Portage County, Wisconsin as well as Wauwatosa, a suburb of Milwaukee.

In the Boston Office, Peter Robie and Chris Bosley have implemented a WikiMap for the Minuteman Bikeway, getting data about where people are biking to and from as they make the bikeway part of their trip.  Pete and Chris asked a question that led to incorporating surveys into WikiMapping.  Well, they just wanted the ability to ask a discrete question

Maurico Hernandez has been the longest user of WikiMapping.  He and Bob Patten suggested the front end design for the Howard County Bicycle Plan.  That was a one-off project, and I went back to our original code to create WikiMapping. He has since been working with WikiMapping on the Cleveland Bike Share Project.  And I have to say that I think he’s done a nice job.

So… I often get questions and requests.  For example, on Friday, Maurico asked, “Can we have dashed lines?”  I haven’t seen many examples of dashed lines on a google map, but John had dashed lines operating in just a couple of hours.

Jennifer Toole is awesome, and I’ve enjoyed knowing and working with her since long before she founded Toole Design Group.  Jennifer is a great leader, both as a bike/ped planner and as an entrepreneur.

There are many others I look forward to working with on WikiMapping projects – Bill Schultheiss, Tony Hull, Jessica and others.

I’m very proud that the WikiMapping Map Team provides a valuable service to Toole Design, and I want to thank Jennifer, RJ and Bob in particular.

– Steve