Custom base maps for WikiMapping Projects

Yes! You can use your own authoritative base map for your WikiMapping project.


For example, we were making a school district map.  We wanted to create a solution that would work as a print map about 28×32″ in size.  But since it is a school district map, wouldn’t it be perfect as a tool for assessing walkabilty to schools?  We designed the map using Web Mercator projection.  By doing this, we could export map panels that serve as a base map for a WikiMapping project.

You can essentially create your own custom map and support your branding.  Or we can do it for you as an additional service.  We are using this approach to redesign the Northeast Pennsylvania Hiking and Bicycling Map.

How to set it up.

Map tiles need to be in the Slippy Map Format.  I use MAPublisher to create the custom maps in Adobe Illustrator, and there are other options as well.

1.  In Edit Project, select Open Street Map base.  You will then get an option to use your own data.



2.  By setting this preference, you’ll now see a menu option called Tiles:



3.  Import your zipped slippy map tiles.

I realize that, even with these instructions, many people will have no clue as to how to create the map tiles.  Don’t be afraid to ask us for help.

4.  Test – Here’s a sample using custom data.

Here’s how I prep data using Adobe Illustrator with the MAPublisher plug-in

1.  The map projection has to be in WGS Pseudo Mercator

2.  Export Map Tiles


Here’s what the dialog is set to for the demo:



Here’s a link to the exported zipped file:  sd-demo

I’ve shown how to export a MAPublisher created set of map tiles that can now be imported into WikiMapping. This lets you present the map that you want to present.

Even if you don’t have MAPublisher, there are other solutions to getting your data into Map Tiles.  I’d like to help you work with your data, so please contact me using our contact form.  Thank you for using WikiMapping for your organization.

Steve Spindler