Guide – How To Request Functionality

Here’s a short, but important page, to help you understand how we prioritize updates.  It will help you understand what happens when you ask for a feature or an improvement.

If you call or email us, here’s what happens

featurerequestOur Map Team fills in a feature request using the “Feature Request” menu option in the Project Administration panel.

And, if needed…

Our Map Team writes a broader description in an email:  FRQ- [Feature Request].

Information documented is

  • Category:  Feature Request or Bug
  • Title
  • Detail
  • Willingness to fund
  • Status:  Submitted, Accepted, Done

We prioritize

  • Does it fit with our vision and fulfill the needs of our core audience?
  • How does the request affect existing projects?
  • How will this impact the system (i.e. future coding)?
  • Is it funded?
  • Does it relate to priorities we’ve previously identified?
  • Effort/long term benefit.
  • Effort/short term benefit.
  • Is there an immediate problem that needs fixing?

We discuss, and take action

  • Make the change within a day or two.
  • Discuss effort/cost, and add to short term schedule.
  • Add to mid-range priorities.
  • We respond to the person who submits the request.

Follow up

  • Write a brief blog post
  • Add to our guide (which is still in progress)
  • Make a video if needed
  • Either make the feature for everyone or just premium