Load photos onto a map in bulk

Upload hundreds of photos into WikiMapping at once. Assign them to a story, and describe each photo.


You may go on a trip and take lots of photos from your phone.  Later, you may want to review where you took the photos so that you can share this information with others.

Manually importing photos would be unnecessary work.  Actually, it was a hassle, which is why we created a bulk photo uploader.  This requires that you have a google email account because all photos are saved to your google+ account.


Go to Photos: Import Photo

  • Set a category, and set the story
  • Drag all of the photos you want from your computer onto the “Upload a Photo” button

upload a photo button

Edit photos descriptions

After the photos are uploaded, you can add descriptions and tag them in a tabular layout, or you can add descriptions directly from the WikiMapping project.

organize photos


In thephotomenu WikiMapping Project

You will see a photos menu that looks like this:   

 Photo Stream shows you all of the photos, one at a time.

Stories, lets you select a story.

Set Current Story is used if you are uploading a photo directly into the project

Find Photo lets you search for words in the description of the photo.


A story can begin with an intro that looks something like this:

story intro

As you navigate through the photos, you can select “Go to feature”, and this will center a dialog box to the right of the feature.

go to feature

To return to the story, select “Continue to View Story”.

continue to story


You’ll be glad to have photos on your map

So, when you need to show people where a photo was taken, it may be as easy as going to the wikimapping site and selecting a story.