The topics below cover survey functionality.

Survey Options

Guide – Survey Design Functions

Definitions are listed from top to bottom, left to right.

  • WikiMapping’s original survey structure did not allow for editing a survey once data had been entered.

    If you are starting a survey today, it will be editable even after you create it.

  • There’s a text link on the left top that you can use to create a new survey.

  • ID – WikiMapping assigns an ID to each survey.  You don’t need to do anything with this.

    Name – The name of your survey.  It’s a good practice to name your surveys as they might relate to your project.  A survey can be used with multiple projects.

    For example:

    Project A – Welcome

    Project A – Destination
    Project A – Route

    Created – This is simply the date your survey was created.  When you click on any of the header text, it will sort by that column.

     Data – This is the number of times a survey has been filled out.

  • This lets you edit the survey name.

  • This is a drop and drag interface to let you create the survey.  Because a drop-down list can have a lot of fields (such as 50 states), we’ve added a .csv importer to make setting up multiple choice fields a lot faster.

    An HTML Block lets you add images, and other html directly into the survey.

    html block for survey


    Most field types should be obvious, but we need to point out a couple more things:

    First, the batch importer

    batch importer


    And finally, the file uploader.  With all fields, you can offer instructions and the a required field option.

    file uploader


  • [Add Email] is where you create a form email to be sent when a survey is submitted.

    Email template


  • If you collect data and want to show some of  it publicly, you can use the present layout option.  You will be able to format the data, and you can even add graphics.



    Here’s what this looks like in the Present Layout Editor:

    Preview Editor