What I’m doing now

Steve Spindler – last updated Nov 20, 2015

Derek Sivers suggested creating a “What I’m doing now” page. It’s a good idea.

Current goal is to be a better communicator

I’m working on my communication skills to better support my family, collaborators, clients, community and myself.  It’s a skill, and I have a lot of room for improvement.

  • Listening
  • Writing letters
  • Answering questions from clients via email, more every day
  • Learning to code so that I can mock up improvements to WikiMapping
  • Developing short videos to show people how to accomplish simple tasks
  • Planning a video series on how to design bike and transit map

Some days I travel to the mountains in NE Pennsylvania to go hiking, bicycling or to meet with trail planners and advocates.   This, and while I clean around the house, is my time to listen to audiobooks.

Areas of focus: WikiMapping, Cartography, Community, & Family


  • I work from home to prioritize family activities
  • Kids activities
  • Prioritizing home improvement projects
  • Preparing for holidays and guests
  • Weekend outings


  • Updating WikiMapping UX to better meet the needs of users.
  • Building an FAQ based on emails I receive
  • Creating videos
  • Talking with Project Administrators
  • Figuring out how to spend money


  • Creating a bridge between multiple disparate datasets within PA & NJ to speed production of local maps.
  • Burlington County Bike Map – final edits, about to go to press
  • Union County Transit Map Mock up – Making a “How to” video
  • Delaware & Lehigh – Starting third map for the Anthracite & a kiosk map for Wilkes-Barre
  • Charlotte, NC Regional bike map – thinking about.  Complete by June.
  • Philly Map – Regional Transit Map. – Planning
  • Mapping trail advocates and professionals. – Thinking about


  • Looking at bicycle mobility in Montgomery County
  • Wrapping up the 2015 year financials for Jenkintown Community Alliance
  • Helping out a little at church
  • Supporting CISV by developing the Philadelphia Chapter website.